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Cool Mom- Estee

Being a mother is the coolest job on the planet, raising the next feature leaders is hard task, but us moms do it all in our own way. Lets learn about the style of Estee the Cool mom behind @dior.roces and @ohana_closet .



Kalla– Describe your personal style?

Estee– My style is very casual and minimal. My wardrobe is pretty monochrome. I don’t wear a lot of color or pieces with lots of patterns. Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers are my daily attire.

Kalla– What your go to item?

Estee-Any pair of joe’s jeans is my staple. Their jeans seems to fit me best. I have them in different washes and cuts.

Kalla– Joe jeans are the best jeans.

Kalla– Where do your draw your inspiration from?

Estee– I guess my kids. Since having kids my style has been more casual and comfortable. You always have to be prepared to keep up with them and that’s not gonna happen in heels.

Kalla– What celebrities style do you admire the most?

Estee- I like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. They are pretty simple as far as celebrities go. I don’t like a lot of color or patterns and I feel like both of them wear a lot of solids and usually in dark tones. I also like the fact that they can wear pants on the red carpet and make it look glamorous.

Kalla– Describe your shopping style?

Estee– I don’t usually go for what’s trendy. I stick to basics. Jeans, loose fit monochrome striped tees, flannel tops, and over-sized cardigans.

Kalla– Where do you like to shop?

Estee– After having kids I noticed that where I shop has changed drastically. Now I shop where I can get a good deal since they get the nicer more expensive clothes. lol. My usual spots are H&M, Zara, Target, Forever21, and I love shopping and supporting small shops that I’ve discovered on Instagram.

Kalla-Do you like dior to dress like you?

Estee– I want her to dress in what she’s comfortable in. She does tend to dress similar to me, but she’s also much more girly than I am, so she adds that extra sparkle to my simple style.

Kalla- Thank you. Estee you are one cool mom and I’m super hair envy 🙂

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