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My Confession

I use to dream about being able to wear sweatshirts, leggings, and sneakers to work. Then one day…it happened-I was able to wear workout clothes…to work.  I have a confession though, I have a problem…I’m having an affair with my workout clothes. Please tell me I’m not the only one? I find myself running errands, going to carpool pick up, or even choosing a restaurant based off of if I can wear my sneakers and leggings. I use to feel guilty about my affair, but now I don’t. It’s common and I see so many women these days in workout clothes. It made me step up my workout clothes game, because if I’m going to being living in workout clothes, I want to be stylish in them. So I’m sharing with you a couple of my go to pieces, to really step up your workout clothes game. My advice to you: it’s okay to show up in workout clothes, and who really cares if people are giving you a look?… It’s only because they are jealous of your new look.

Workout, Maybe?

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