Kreating a perfect space to play

With 2016 in full swing now, it’s the time to be thinking about a play area for your kiddos to spend time in on those rainy days and playdates. Kreating an inside playroom/play area can be a hard process to begin, so we wanted to help out with this creative process. Here’s an inside scoop from Live Kreative’s Owner, Kalla Whitacre:

The  two biggest decisions you have to make is what space you want to use and what you want to have for your main project feature in this space.  You don’t have to have an extra room, you can just take a corner in your kids room and make it special. When I’m looking for projects, I begin on Pinterest for an idea space and design inspirations. For Kali’s space, I chose to create a magnetic chalkboard.  I started off using oil drip pans because they cane be used to write on and its also magnetic.  This was a simple alternative to painting a whole wall and can easily be placed anywhere in the house. The instructions on how to create your own magnetic chalkboard are shown below.

-Here’s how to make your own Magnetic chalkboard:


◦Large Oil drip pan (Found at an auto-part store, Walmart, or I got mine from    Amazon)

◦Can of spray-on metal primer or silver

◦Can of chalkboard paint (Found at home depot)

◦Small paint roller

◦Command strips

◦Magnets & Dust free colored chalk (Found at Melissa & Doug)


◦Take your oil drip pan outside (or find a well-ventilated area) & spray 2 coats, as evenly as possible of the metal primer (Let it fully dry)

◦Stir chalkboard paint & use small roller or paintbrush to cover the entire pan once (I did 3-4 coats & let each coat dry in between, but use your best judgment)

◦Once the pans are fully dry, use command strips to hang them on the wall.

For more ideas, check out these creative pins:

Living Kreative


Finding inspirations and that creative streak needed to create a playroom for your kiddos can be hard, but the process itself doesn’t have to be! Just like Kalla and many others, you can easily create a cool playroom that your kids and family will love and that will create a safe environment for your kids to play & learn.

Let’s teach all our kids to Live Kreative!

Natalee, Live Kreative Intern

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